The Biosynergy Institute

The Biosynergy Institute was founded in 1994 by conservation psychologist Anthony L. Rose (CV and BIO available) to study and advance the synergy of humanity and nature. Under the BSI umbrella Dr. Rose established the Epiphany Project (1994), Bushmeat Project (1996), Wildlife Protectors Fund (1999), and Altisima Press (2002).



Read new 35-page essay by Anthony & Gabriela Rose expanded from their chapter in "Ignoring Nature No More" (Bekoff 2013).

AVATAR: A Legend of Biosynergy, Compassion & Union.

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Anthony Rose writes in American Journal of Primatology:

Bonding, Biosynergy and Primates in the Wild.

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Encyclopedia Article

"Biosynergy: The Synergy of Life"
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bi·o·syn·er·gy n.

1. The interaction of two or more biological agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. 2. Cooperative interaction among species, especially among the individuals and groups in an ecosystem, that creates an enhanced combined effect. 3. The theory that organisms cooperate with passage of time in the same ecosystem, mainly as a result of reciprocal altruism, so that biosocial structure and dynamics change to assure the vigor of all life forms. [Greek, from bios, life. From Greek sunergia, cooperation, from sunergos, working together.)