The Biosynergy Institute


After a lifetime of independent exploration and innovation involving some of the worlds most complex and challenging crises, Biosynergy Institute founder Anthony Rose is now undertaking an expansion of the application of biosynergy research and theory into new realms, exploring the synergy of humanity and nature from interdisciplinary perspectives ... integrating science and theology, humanism and biology, symbolism and cosmology, theatre arts and mythology.

Dr. Rose has lectured to national and international conferences and has published a series of new articles in books and journals in the past few years on a wide range of applications of biosynergy theory and practice.   Many of these talks and writings will be available on this website in the months ahead, as PDF reprints and as Power-Point presentations.  

In addition, he has begun to synthesize his lectures and publications into a volume which will be a call for revolution in the relationship of humanity to the natural world. "Biosynergy and the Future of Life" will examine the worlds of science, health care, social change, conservation, religion, government, and politics in a keen visionary light based on Anthony Rose's broad practical experience.

Persons or organizations
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