The Biosynergy Institute

The Epiphany Project has supported groundbreaking research into the profound events (interspecies epiphanies) that influence shifts in world-view and humane values, causing people to care about and work to protect wildlife and nature. Writings and publications about the Epiphany Project's World-View Research are being organized for presentation here.

The Bushmeat Project began when Dr. Rose returned from his first trip to central Africa in 1996, after witnessing the growing crisis that was facing wildlife in the region. Articles and book chapters that chronicle efforts to understand and influence the bushmeat crisis can be found on the Bushmeat Project website.

The Wildlife Protectors Fund was created in 1999 in collaboration with The Gorilla Foundation to support examination of factors which will restore conservation values in urban and rural communities in west and central Africa. Writings and publications about the WPF Conservation Values Education Program are being organized for presentation here.

Altisima Press was founded in 2002 when Dr. Rose agreed to take the lead in writing and publication of a coffee table book depicting the devastation of nature and human society in central Africa caused by international exploitation. Consuming Nature, featuring the photographs of Karl Ammann, is presented at the Consuming Nature website.